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Queno is an educational platform which aims to develop a strong E-communication bond between schools and parents. Through Queno, parents can monitor their child’s progress from just a single touch. While, teachers and school administrators can keep parents in the loop without any worries.

Features & Design

Queno let schools to be proficient in technology and aim for the highest level of education.

Additional Features

This app has a web panel which completes Queno as a whole product.

Our Main Features

Here are some of our best features like no other:

Unlimited possibilities with lots of new features

Tired of all the paperwork? Worried about your child’s reports? Need to organise your work? Forgot to do the homework? Say good-bye to all your problems. Queno brings you a solution secure hack free solution which will do all the work for you

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Amazing Compatibility

iOS and Android are one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to selecting a mobile platform to attract audience. If we target a single group of user so it would restrict our app facility to other platform users. To overcome this situation, we are focusing on a cross platform app. Our team is working hard to launch Queno on Windows Store in order for it to be accessible for all.

Our Valuable Clients

Here are some of our schools, join their community and take your system to a next level:

- St Peter's High School -

- Aisha Bawany Academy -

- Kids & Co Preschool -

- Acers Preschool -

- Amma Foundation School -

- Roshni Public School -

- Ninos Brillantes School -

- Zindagi Trust Schools -